The Benefits of using Google My Business App


Google My Business (GMB) lets you manage your hotel brand’s online presence and communicate with guests more seamlessly than ever before.


Helping you in enhancing your local SEO, Google My Business also makes it simple for guests to find your hotel in both search and maps. 


Google My Business offers myriad benefits to all sectors, including the Hotel Industry. While it can be accessed on desktop, the mobile application of GMB makes it much easier to manage your hotel profile and engage with guests on the fly.


Google My Business- What is it?


Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to create and manage their business presence online and engage with guests.


Even though its mobile app offers a plethora of benefits to you, creating your business profile and verifying your business can be done only in the desktop version.


Here’s the step-by-step process that helps you set up and verify your Google My Business Account.


Let’s discuss the useful features and benefits of using Google My Business.


Google My Business app offers some unique features, which are not available in the desktop version.


  1. Google, in its GMB app, provides assistive technology services like Talkback and VoiceOver for low-vision and blind users. It guides low-vision & blind users to perform their operations.
  2. Through this Mobile App, you can see your brand followers.


With Google My Business App, you can perform other operations,


Manage how your hotel brand appears on Search and Maps


Using Google My Business mobile application, busy users can edit their business profiles on the go. Update your business info like address and phone number. Even, you can update your hotel photos, publish engaging content, and build awareness to your guests about special offers and events that occur in your hotel.


Manage and Respond to your guest reviews


View the total reviews posted by your guests. It will be organized based on the posted date. Each time you receive a review, the mobile application will notify you. Through your mobile portal, you can respond to the reviews and make changes to the previously submitted response. Even, you can report on bogus reviews.


Engage with your guests


Google My Business also provides a messaging platform that lets brands communicate with their guests, answer their questions, and help them in the booking process.


Know how guests interact with your brand


This platform also provides you with insightful information like how guests discover your brand, what terms they use to find out business, and the top actions your guests take on your listing.


Google My Business is an essential tool, which should be included in your arsenal. It helps hoteliers to boost their local SEO, makes it easy for guests to find your brand on Search and Maps, and lets you respond and communicate with guests.