The era of Internet of Things: How hotels can enhance their guest experiences

In today’s world, everyone is relying on technology in one way or another to perform simple tasks. Technology is inextricably woven into our lives. Consequently, these technological advancements hugely impact service-oriented industries like hospitality. As the use of technology among guests ramp up, it becomes inevitable for hotels to invest in such emerging technologies to gratify guests’ needs and also to have a leg up on the competition. 

Internet of Things, shortly known as IoT, is fundamentally changing the way you deliver services to your guests. Before diving in, let’s be clear with this innovative technology- Internet of Things.

Wikipedia defines it as,

“Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UID) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.”  

In simple, Internet of Things is a fascinating concept that connects things (Objects, electronic devices, etc.) over a network and enables them to communicate with each other and opting-in based on the situations. Thus, IoT is intelligence shared among things. 

Though implementing Internet of Things can be a little bit complex, it provides enormous benefits to your hotel. It helps you in delivering exemplary services to your guests, saves energy-consumption, ensures proper asset management, and increases your hotel revenue. 

Going forward, we will see how Internet of Things makes greater positive impacts on your hotel guest experience.

1. Check-in process

With IoT, the time taken to complete the check-in process is drastically reduced. Facial recognition, Bio-metrics are replacing the traditional keycards. The door lock system will automatically retrieve the guest authentication details like their fingerprints, etc. from the front desk systems over the network. Guests, then, can use their fingerprints to unlock their rooms.

Even more advanced technology is digital or electronic keys. Guests,  before one hour of their check-in time, will automatically receive their digital or electronic keys to their mobile devices. Guests on their visits can directly proceed towards their room and unlock it. This kind of frictionless check-in process will create a long-lasting impression on the minds of your guests.

2. Customized Stay

The Internet of Things takes your hotel’s guest services to the next level. Guests have given options to customize their room atmosphere (Lighting, temperature, TV shows, music players) based on their moods and preferences. Not only it is easy to customize, but it will also opt-in (dimming the lights during the day time, turning off devices on guests’ absence and resuming its function while guest enters) based on the outer atmosphere and guest presence. It makes your guests’ stay more comfortable and pleasant.

3. Greater Services

Integrated with Voice-based system, your hotel guests can control their room atmosphere with their voice-commands. Guests can enjoy the comfort of ordering food, turning on/off the television, adjusting room temperature and a lot more from their bed. Using sensor technology, even your hotel staff will get automatic notifications of your checked-in guests’ arrival by monitoring the guests’ car. Hotel’s staff can make required preparations (offering refreshments to guests, etc.). It helps you achieve a high level of service excellence.

4. Frictionless Experience

Improper management of assets can also have a profound effect on your guests’ stay. It may even make your guests’ staying experience worse. Therefore, the shift from preventive maintenance of assets to predictive maintenance of assets is crucial, and Internet of Things helps you to do that! IoT helps you in managing your hotel assets in real-time.

IoT monitors your assets properly and notifies device issues before it becomes a problem. Water-leak detection, air quality monitoring and other maintenance issues will be notified directly, so that staff will take effective steps proactively and make things work before it affects your guests’ stay.

Integrating IoT with your Hotel Management Software, concerned staff will get automated messages about the going-to expire stocks, items need to buy for the day, etc. Staff will also get notification of your fixed assets depreciation values and age of the system, etc.

Tracking your hotel assets can also become easy. With the help of IoT, you can track (even valuable in-room amenities like artwork and other gadgets) where your assets are located on the hotel premises. It helps staff to focus more guests by relieving them from asset management. As a hotelier, with IoT, you can provide a seamless guest experience.

5. Personalization

Above all, the Internet of Things makes it easy for you to track your guests’ preferences and their regular habits. With its informative dashboard, you can view a particular guest’s complete history. You can track their room preferences, lighting, temperature, and food preferences and other hotel services like SPA, Gym, Swimming Pool, etc. availed by a particular guest. With this information, you can provide personalized services on your guest’s next visit.