The pros and cons of an online booking system

When it comes to securing more direct reservations, there is no other option to look further than an online booking system.

Online booking system plays a significant role in securing more direct bookings and paves an easy way for guests to reach the hotel.

Not only this, online booking system benefits hoteliers in numerous ways. Let’s discuss a few of those,

1. An easy way to connect

Today, it is rare to see guests without using smartphones. Guests highly rely on smartphones to browse about the recent events, nearer restaurant or accommodations.

As a result, harnessing these online platforms is crucial to capitalize on those savvy-guests. Online booking system helps you in focusing on this market segment. Online booking system makes it easy for guests to reach you online and to book their stay in your hotel. 

2. Instant Response     

Instant response is an added advantage that shows the importance of having a good online booking system. Once the guest books through the online booking platform, he/she can get the booking confirmation message or email from the hotel instantly. The instant communication was not feasible in most cases in the traditional system.

More than this, hotels can get the basic details of such direct booking guests. In contrast, hotels receiving bookings from other online platforms like OTAs, will not be provided with such details of the guests.

Thus, online booking system gives the assurance of booking confirmation immediately to the guests and helps hotels to communicate with guests instantly.

3. Fewer errors

Online booking system reduces manual intervention as it is integrated with Hotel Management Software and Channel Manager. The booking system will always display the latest room updates and rates, and the booking occurred through any of those platforms will be reflected automatically.

In such ways, it eliminates manual intervention and other booking-related mistakes like overbookings or double-booking and also feeding the system with the wrong guest information.

4. Beat OTAs

In the digitally-driven world, where bookings are made through online channels, hotels need to invest in online booking engine to secure direct bookings rather than investing in OTAs which require hotels to pay commission on each booking. Online booking system helps hoteliers to counteract OTAs.

Not only this, it helps hoteliers in showcasing their special offers and other amenities to guests, which goes a long way in attracting website visitors and increasing the direct booking rates.

The disadvantage of the online booking system is only limited to a few.

1. Internet

Internet is a major setback for the online booking system. If the hotel website goes down due to internet issues or some other website maintenance issues, then for that particular time frame, bookings cannot be received.

Similarly, hotel owners need to make sure that their site loads fast enough to make their guests’ booking process pleasant. Besides, hotel owners also need to check whether their hotel website is easy to use, appealing, and responsive. 

2. Less visibility

In comparison with OTAs, online booking engine has less visibility. However, it can be prevailed by leveraging platforms like Social Media, Online Advertising, and other marketing channels, which require zero cost to a certain investment.