Three foundational Pillars of Digital Marketing and why hotels should employ this

With the introduction of Internet, the business landscape has witnessed a significant change in recent years.

Today, having a strong online presence is essential to survive amidst the sea of competition.

To achieve this, hotel owners should invest in a sound digital marketing strategy.

First, let’s be clear with Digital Marketing,

Hubspot describes it as,

“Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.”

In a simple term, digital marketing is about educating current and potential customers about your services/products by leveraging various digital channels.


The Three Foundational Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing success is almost impossible without these three: website, content, and data. These are the three foundational pillars of Digital Marketing.

The Three Foundational Pillars and Why Hotels Should Employ This,


In a digital world, website is a major touchpoint your guests have with you. Therefore, a website needs to be well-organized. It is vital to place the right information in the right place. For example, as a hotel owner, you need to put your guest testimonial on the homepage rather than burying it in the subpages. Peers reviews can result in more conversions. Therefore, make sure what information needs to be placed on the homepage.

Guest attention span is getting lower. Most of your guests will abandon your site if it takes too much time to load.

Tips for hoteliers: As a hotelier, you can add attractive images of your hotel and testimonials of happy guests to grab your guest attention. Also, you need to have a booking engine with exclusive offers on bookings to attract more guests. Plus, your website should be presented with the right information. It should be well-organized, load faster, and easy-to-use.   


“ Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.”- Laura Fitton, Hubspot.

By creating lots of content, you can build your brand awareness and position yourself as an industry leader or expert. 

By creating relevant & useful content, you can educate your guests and provide a solution to their problem. This way, you can build your audience, who eventually become your guest.

Not only this, you can engage with your potential guests, and find out what interests them. The more you engage, the more you understand. It helps you in finding out their specific needs and providing a more accurate solution.

Content is instrumental in creating any digital marketing campaign. Through content, you can build brand awareness, connect with your leads and guests, nurture them, and assist them in each stage of the sales funnel.

SEO-based content is essential to position yourself on the first page of SERP results. Positioning your business on the first page helps you attract more potential guests. Search Engine Optimization is the process of identifying the keywords your potential guests use and strategically placing those words in your content without losing the charm of your writing.

Creating keyword-rich and in-depth content helps you rank on the first page of the SERP. On the contrary, creating key-word stuffed content without any valuable information can harm your rankings.

You can generate content in various forms: website, blogs, case studies, white papers, infographic, and video. However, while creating content, one should remember this golden rule: Best-working content pieces are always simple, clear, and highly informative.

Tips for hoteliers: Optimize your website for SEO. Create travel guides and other travel-related blogs to attract your guests. Even, you can post your guest’s testimonial on social media sites. It is essential to ask readers (potential guests) to opt-in for email notifications. Through that, you can connect with your guests and keep them aware of offers and other promotions.


Data is pivotal in the world of digital. It helps you truly understand your customers. In the digital era, knowingly or unknowingly, we are receiving data of all sizes and shapes from various digital touchpoints. Delving into these data can help you in understanding your guests and make sound decisions.

Tips for hoteliers: Running a Pay-per-click campaign or simply looking into your website traffic, can help you see certain guest patterns and behavior. You can discover what type of content engages the most number of guests and what makes them take action. These data have the potential to provide far greater insights on your guests. Combined with contextual data, it can help you in building winning strategies.

Each of these foundational pillars needs to be work parallelly to create a highly effective digital marketing strategy.

Summing up

In the modern economy, digital marketing is essential to be successful. It helps hoteliers in,

  • Building brand awareness
  • Giving a room for small hotel owners to promote their hotel business
  • Connecting with guests across the world
  • Understanding guests better with real-time communication
  • Attracting more guests worldwide
  • Also providing personalized guest services