Three Things to consider while investing in a Hotel Channel Manager

In the wake of digital era, it becomes a necessity for hotels to maximize their online visibility to enhance their bookings. However, connecting with online channels turn out to be a challenge due to the associated administrative tasks. It becomes even worse for small and mid-sized properties those who have limited personnel. The result is improper tracking of bookings, overbookings or double bookings, and ineffective usage of time. This lack of centralized system and associated challenges put hoteliers in constant doubts that cloud their decision of investing in online channels.

The emergence of Hotel Channel Manager helps hoteliers to offset these booking management challenges. Channel Manager provides a centralized platform, in which hoteliers can get connected with IDS and GDS systems, update availability and rates across these online platforms.

How it works

Channel manager works in sync with OTAs, Hotel Booking Engine, and PMS. If a booking happened on hotel PMS, the channel manager instantly sends a notification to other platforms and changes the availability status of a particular room. The same will happen if a booking made through a hotel booking engine or other OTAs.

The ability to send instant room status and pricing updates simplified the life of hotel staff by eliminating manual activities.

Things to consider while investing in a Hotel Channel Manager

1. Ability to connect with OTAs

Today, technology provides an opportunity for hotels to do business across the globe. As everything commoditize in online, hotels can make a profit of this online market by enhancing their visibility. Therefore, a good channel manager will act as a middle man and let you connect with leading OTAs across the world. It multitudes hotels’ online presence and helps hotels to reach wider markets.

Before purchasing a Channel Manager, consider how many channels can be connected using it and whether it ensures a seamless connection to the OTAs seamlessly. Cheerze Connect’s Channel Manager connects hotels seamlessly with 200+ world-leading OTAs, GDS and IDS.

2. Live updates on room rates and availability

The ultimate purpose of using a Channel Manager is to simplify the booking management process. Therefore, evaluate how easy it is to update room status and pricings. How long does it take to update room status and pricing? Does it save the hotel staff’s time? And, apart from this what are the additional features/functionality it provides?

Cheerze Connect’s Channel Manager lets hotels change their room status and pricing using a pooled inventory method. Instant updates on room status prevent overbooking and other booking management challenges. It also provides last-minute deals, stop-sell limits, selling restrictions options, etc. Moreover, get ahead with our Channel Manager’s Mobile App. You can make changes and updates using our mobile app itself from anywhere at any time.

3. Make data-driven decisions

The right Channel Manager will not only help you in automating the channel management process. It is more than that! It should help you in analyzing the performance of each channel. Get to know about the reporting features and how useful it is!

Cheerze Connect’s Channel Manager, with its powerful and insightful reports, helps you in determining the rates, stop sell limits, peaks and troughs seasons, and in-depth performance analysis of each channel.