Top inspiring TED Talks Every Hotel Owner Must Watch (Part-2)

TED Talks are inspiring and insightful. Businesses, in general, rely on TED Talks to get a wider perspective on their domains. Here, we’ve compiled a short collection of TED Talks that will help you gain different perspectives on hospitality, deliver better services to the guests, and make your hotel business more successful. 

1. A Hospitality Mindset | Barbara Lang

Barbara Lang, in her inspiring talk, sheds light on true hospitality. She says being hospitable and having a heightened awareness of what other people need and going ahead to meet the needs of an individual is not a job, but it’s a lifestyle. She says “If we have this hospitality mindset of having empathy, kindness, acknowledgment, and patience with people, we find that we can connect in the most unusual and momentary ways that can improve our lives, their lives, and lives in general.” This kind of fostering kindness and heightened awareness of your guests’ needs can help you in making a huge difference in your guest stay and deliver an unforgettable experience.

2. What’s next in service for the hospitality industry? | Jan Smith

Jan Smith poses a question that the care of culture can change the hospitality industry? As care is the core of every service initiative, the employer needs to incorporate ‘Culture of Care’ in the service organization to make happy staff and happy guests.

3. Hostmanship: The art of making people feel welcome | Jan Gunnarsson

Jan Gunnarsson, in his talk, unveils a new perspective on how to deliver great guest service at your hotel. He believes that it’s not strategies or tactics that help you to deliver better customer experience, but rather it is the attitude that you bring in. He explains the concept of Hostmanship. It is really about giving, seeing them more than just a guest and sharing a part of you and your knowledge.

4. Return Hospitality Back to Humanity, Please! | Monique Morrow

In today’s world, where Chatbots and AI Robots are soon replacing the staff, the hospitality industry is missing its core part- Humanity. Monique Morrow argues that the future is not Chatbots or AI robots, the future is human. Humans can only deliver the best of hospitality, not the machines. Her saying goes as follows, “The future is not with the technology, the future is not the Chatbot or the AI or that the robotic butler that comes to you. The future is going to be human.”