Top nine reasons why Cheerze Connect is the right Hotel Management Software for your property!

Hoteliers have been investing in multiple methods to track their day-to-day operations right from the old age. Initially, they depend on the old school method (Pen and Paper) to manage their operations. Slowly, with changing technological advancements, they used excel sheets to track and manage data and operations.

From that, it changed into automation software. Even though this transformation help in performing their operations, hoteliers today are still concerned about the associated few operational challenges and the inability to meet the growing demands, which majorly affects their guest experiences.

However, these challenges can be tackled easily with next-gen hotel management software. In this blog post, we’ve discussed the top nine reasons that illustrate Cheerze Connect is the right hotel management software for your hotel property!

1. Comprehensive Hotel Management Software

Cheerze Connect is a cloud-based hotel management software that makes it easy to perform your hotel’s daily operations and track operational results better. Onboarding can be done within minutes. With the low-learning curve, your staff will find it easy to get started with and perform operations faster than ever. It will highly help you in getting better impressions on your guests' minds by performing operations faster.

2. One-stop solution

Cheerze Connect is an in-built application that highly focused on simplifying your day-to-day operations. It comprises in-built modules that include Front Office (Also known as Hotel Management Software, Property Management Software, Hotel Software System, etc.), Housekeeping, Point-of-sale, Booking Engine, Material Management, Banquet Management, Accounting Interface, ACR, Food Costing, Bar Stock Maintenance and so on. Cheerze Connect facilitates your entire hotel management process by providing all you need in a single place.

3. SaaS- Pay for what you use

Cheerze connect is a SaaS-based application which means you don't need to spend a huge amount on IT infrastructure. Rather, you can select the required modules and pay only for what you use. It also relieves you from major IT operational burden. As it is SaaS-based service, the IT infrastructure will be managed by the service provider itself, which ensures 99.9 percent availability of applications and anywhere-anytime access within the hotel premises.

4. Integration

Cheerze Connect helps you to connect with other cutting-edge & essential technology tools like Door Lock Interface, EPABX, Loyalty Interface, SMS Interface, WiFi Interface, WhatsApp Interface, Power Control System, Accounting System, Channel Manager Interface, Barcode Reader, etc. As a result, it will help you stay relevant in the ever-changing market and meet your guests' evolving needs.

5. Ability to connect with multiple leading OTAs

Increasing visibility is necessary to obtain new guests. Cheerze Connect helps you with that. Cheerze Connect's Channel Manager lets you connect with leading 200+ online travel agencies (OTAs) that multitude your visibility across the globe.

6. Commission-free bookings

Cheerze Connect boosts your hotel revenue by helping you in receiving more commission-free bookings directly from your website and other social channels.

7. Enhances guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction holds a major position in the hospitality industry. With Cheerze Connect, you can attain high guest satisfaction levels. Cheerze Connect, integrated with other guest-facing applications, helps you in tracking your guest preferences and providing appropriate services. As it is a SaaS-based application, staff can access it anywhere, any time with their choice of devices. Therefore, staff can perform operations anywhere while greeting their guests and meeting their needs on-time. As a result, it gratifies guests and enhances operational efficiency.

8. Reports

Tracking your performance is crucial. It helps you in evaluating and identifying loopholes that affect your hotel business. With Cheerze Connect’s extensive reporting, you can track and evaluate performance daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Apart from this, you can download your hotel reports in different formats. More than this, Cheerze Connect’s Mobile App (MIS) lets you (hotel owners) to view hotel performance anywhere from any time. With these comprehensive and data-driven reports, you can make better business decisions. Plus, it helps you in preventing revenue leakage.

9. 24/7 support

With Cheerze Connect, you can get the best support services during business and non-business hours. Our expert team, with excellent product knowledge, will rectify issues promptly and lubricate your business operations.

Are you looking for Hotel Management Software? Do you want to enhance operational performance and guest satisfaction levels?

Cheerze Connect is the right fit for your hotel. Click here to experience the free version of Cheerze Connect.