Why should you upgrade your hotel management software?

The changing technology waves have drastically changed every aspect of our life, including the way we travel. Almost, every traveler today using technology, in one or other way, to plan their trips. Therefore, there lies a compulsion for hoteliers to implement latest hospitality technologies to meet their guests’ needs.

The role of hotel management technology is instrumental. A hotel management software plays a significant role in managing a hotel's day to day operations, helping them build better guest relationships, and eventually in increasing their revenue.

As the business evolves over the period, ideally, your hotel software should also evolve to fulfill the growing business needs. Hoteliers need to take a careful decision on the tools they are using because an age-old system will profoundly impact your business performance.

Therefore, it is wise to assess your existing hotel management software to ensure whether it meets your dynamic business needs or not.

To facilitate this process, we have listed some of the key factors.

1. Your staff needs to do lots of manual tasks

The purpose of using a hotel management software is to automate your hotel operations, right? What if it fails to do that?

The hospitality industry is full of complex operations. An ineffective system will help you in automating basic operations, but still, most of the major operations have to be done manually. It causes communication issues between staff and results in poor operational performance. Often times, as a hotel manager, you will lack visibility over operations.

On the other hand, an effective system will help you automate most of your hotel operations. All major operational modules like Front office, back-office, housekeeping, and others will be integrated. Therefore, your staff will be assigned with the right tasks, and act independently.

Can you achieve high operational efficiency?


2. You can't access it anywhere, at any time

One of the key trends influencing today's workplace is mobility. Nowadays, most of the hotel software providers have a clear understanding of the importance of mobile solutions and started incorporating it in their products.

This kind of solution helps hoteliers to manage operations on the go. It makes the working process simple, faster, and efficient.

Is your current system give you this kind of flexibility? Or, does it make you more desktop oriented?


3. Integrating with third-party systems can be complex

Integration remains a major concern.

Most of the hoteliers are facing integration challenges within their existing systems. It gets complicated as the data doesn't flow within the tools. As a consequence, staff needs to spend their time to feed data into each of these systems manually.

Plus, it hinders your growth and stops you from implementing the latest technologies that improve your guest experience.

In contrast, a right hotel management software helps hoteliers to integrate with other third-party tools without any technical issues. This way, it boosts your employee productivity and avoids operational mistakes.

Is your data synchronized throughout the platforms? Can you integrate with the latest hotel tools without any complexity?


4. You are spending a high amount on IT

Today's hotel software evolved into a stage where you don't need to build a dedicated server and maintain it regularly. With an Internet connection, you can access your hotel property account anywhere at any time.

It highly reduces the amount spent on IT and also relieves your IT staff from onerous and time-consuming tasks.

It allows IT staff to focus on new technology initiatives that will increase the overall business performance.

Are you spending a huge amount on IT?


5. You pay for what you've used

These next generation, cloud hotel management software offers subscription-based pricing. It incorporates a flexible pricing model.


6. Controlling over bookings is a big problem

Managing all the bookings and reservations throughout the booking platforms remains a major challenge for hoteliers. Market expansion is vital for growing your business. At the same time, you should have a robust reservation system to manage it properly.

Most of the hoteliers are still facing integration issues with Channel Manager. Without proper tracking on the number of bookings happening throughout the platforms, chances are there to double book the rooms.

Is your current system help you in reducing over bookings?


7. Guest satisfaction is not achievable

A right hotel management software will help you provide exceptional services on each stage of the guest journey.

A hotel management software simplifies every operation. Whether it is doing a check-in or generating a bill, your guests don’t need to wait. All will happen with a few clicks.

In addition, hotel management software gives you a handful of information about your guests. It acts as a repository system. With this, you can easily retrieve any particular guest data, understand their preferences, and even reserve their favorite room, spread their favorite fragrance in their room or welcome the guest by giving their favorite flowers.

The goal of hoteliers is to satisfy the guests at every possible conversation moment they have with you, and the right hotel management software helps you in achieving that.

Is your current system help you in increasing your guest satisfaction levels?


8. Poor support system

Another major issue, most hoteliers are concerned about is poor support.

Are you facing lots of technical bugs? Is your software provider taking a long time to solve your issues?

If you are facing any of these signs, then it is the right time to upgrade your hotel management software capabilities.