What are the most popular hotel amenities?

Travelers consider lots of factors when it comes to confirming their stay in a hotel. Like peer reviews and room price, hotel amenities and perks also influence guests’ decision-making process. More than luxury amenities, guests really care about basic amenities and perks. Let’s see some of the basic in-room amenities and perks that make your guest stay comfortable.

1. Flexible check-in/check-out

High-tech hotels are offering flexible check-in/check-out services (with or without fee) for guests who book their stay directly and not from OTAs. Through this intelligent move, hotels are defeating OTAs and encourage guests to book direct.

2. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi plays an influential role in the guests’ booking process. Guests, be it a business traveler, digital nomad or active social networker, prefer to stay in a hotel that provides free Wi-Fi. For business travelers, providing exclusive and fast internet can help them in accessing different technology platforms and get work done without facing any connectivity issues.

3. Complimentary breakfast

Complimentary breakfast is a standard perk almost every guest expects in a hotel. A healthy and satisfying breakfast can make your guests stay comfortable and pleasant.

4. Cozy bed

Having a good sleep can make guests fresh and active on the following day. Provide a clean and cozy bed, bedsheets and plush pillows. Plus, build a noise-insulation wall, which helps guests to have undisturbed sleep. Guests viewing your site with these options will indeed hit the book now option.

5. Other Amenities

Certain common in-room amenities play a significant role in lubricating almost your guest's stay. Lengthy towels, bathrobe, quality toiletries, room slippers, power sockets, bottled water, mini-bar, in-room dining, daily newspaper, air conditioner, and eco-friendly amenities.

Mentioning these perks and amenities on your hotel booking site will attract guests to book your hotel. On the other hand, with these amenities, you can make your guest stay smooth and memorable.