What are the software applications that are used in the hotel industry?

With the growing complexities in the hotel operations and changing guest expectations, the dependency on technology becomes high in the hospitality industry.

Hotels across the world are using a plethora of tools to manage their hotel operations effectively.

These tools benefit hoteliers in automating tasks, synchronizing data, increasing accuracy and consistency in operations, enhancing staff productivity levels, and helping staff in building better guest relationships.

The highly used tool in the hospitality industry is Hotel Management Software.

Hotel Management Software is a tool that facilitates the management and operational processes of a hotel. Front Office, PoS, Housekeeping, Banquets, Materials, Food Costing, Bar Stock Maintenance, Task Management, Booking Engine, Central Reservation System, Channel Manager, and Loyalty interfaces are some of the major modules of Hotel Management Software.

Front office

The core operations of a hotel happen at this place. Some of the operations are check-in, check-out, booking management, billing, most of the guest-facing activities, and much more.

With Hotel Management Software, hotel staff can computerize all of these tasks and ensure error-free results.

Getting relieved from the administrative tasks, the front desk staff now gets more time to engage with guests. It helps them to anticipate guests’ needs and provide services on-time.


Hotels who have in-house restaurant should use this tool. It helps hotel staff in order taking, generating KoT, billing, and closing the sale, etc.

With an easy-to-use PoS, staff can do all these activities in a few clicks. Therefore, it makes the process easier, faster, and efficient.  

Integrated with PMS, hotels can track in-house guests’ food preferences. With this extensive guest history, hotels can exceed guests expectations by providing more personalized services in their next visit.


In a busy hotel environment, managing rooms can be complex.

Housekeeping module helps hoteliers in overcoming these challenges. With a centralized dashboard, tracking the room status, automating or assigning housekeeping tasks to the personnel can be easy.

This way, hotels can ensure that their property is ready to welcome guests at any time.

Banquet Management

Banquet module assists hoteliers in arranging an event without any shortfall. Right from booking a hall, selecting a menu to settle the bill, a good Banquet system helps staff to perform these operations with ease.

It lubricates entire banquet operations by keeping all the concerned person in-sync. It also maintains a detailed file of the guests. With these reports, hotels can analyze the peak season, best working menu/recipe, and hall.

Material Management

Managing hotel stocks and other inventories can be complex.

With an efficient hotel management system, one can maintain accurate records of their inventory details. It helps hotels in tracking item usage, its expiry date, purchase orders, supplier information, etc.

Thus, it gives a clear view of the items that need to be purchased, and with an intelligent tool, one can generate the expenses that are going to happen in the month.

Food Costing

Food costing plays a major role in the success of a restaurant. Food costing is nothing but the percentage between the amount spent on the ingredients and the revenue generated by the items/dishes once they are sold. However, finding the right prices for each item can be complex.

Therefore, it is advisable for hoteliers to have a Food Costing Module in place.  

Food Costing Module works in complete sync with PoS, Stores, and Banquet. It updates hotels to offer food with right prices that match with the current rate of the ingredients. Not only this, Food Costing module helps hoteliers to stay profitable by managing the inventory properly and controlling operational costs.

Food costing module tracks the entire inventory details, usage level, purchase details, and sales made on that day. This kind of comprehensive and effective system will help hoteliers in preventing inventory pilferage. 

Bar stock maintenance

Bar is another place where a high cash flow occurs, and it is often exploited by staff. Hotels should invest in an efficient system to evade revenue leakage.

Bar stock maintenance module helps hoteliers in tracking the entire quantity of the stocks, purchase, and sales. By using this effective system, hotels can prevent staff from indulging in such improper activities.

Task Management

Task management tool is quite helpful for hotel staff that reminds them of every task in a timely manner. Staff can interact and assign tasks among their team and also with other department personnel. They can track the entire process without any difficulties.

Central Reservation Systems

CRS is a must-have tool for hotels with multiple properties in different locations. With this module, staff can better manage bookings received from multiple sources and also perform cross-property reservation. With the centralized dashboard, staff can quickly view the entire bookings happened across the properties.

Booking Engine

As a counterbalance to OTAs, hotels today rely on booking engine to increase their hotel’s direct sale. Booking Engine helps hoteliers to receive commission-free bookings.

An attractive and intuitive Booking engine lets the guest book their preferred room through hotel website or Facebook page from anywhere at any time.

Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a great time saver for hoteliers. Because of its centralized platform, hotels now can manage their bookings throughout the booking platforms (OTAs and other platforms) without any mistakes.

OTAs are the distribution tools that help hotels in maximizing their brand reach across the globe.

With this tool, hotels can attract visitors globally and thereby increase their room sale. But, hotels need to pay commission to these OTAs if they received a booking, which makes this system hesitant among some of the hoteliers. 

Accounting System

A right accounting system, with seamless integration to Hotel Management Software, will help hoteliers in automating the entire accounting process and providing real-time financial and operational insights that help them make the right decisions.  

Loyalty program

Another major tool that acts as a base for customer interaction is a Loyalty program. A right loyalty program software will help hoteliers to offer promos and prices to their guests and reward them based on their activities. In this platform, you can also run important campaigns and make your guest book directly from this portal.

Other software systems hotels use in their day-to-day operational activities are Door Lock system, Key Card Interface, PBX systems, Payment gateways, SMS interfaces, marketing automation, and WiFi interfaces, etc.