What is Booking Engine, OTAs, Channel Manager, and Metasearch Engine?

For hotels, an online booking platform is not an option anymore; rather it becomes a means of survival in a digitally-driven world. It is no longer matters whether you are a small F&B or large accommodation provider, to secure more bookings and to retain your hotel business, you need to employ these systems.

Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and Metasearch Engine are some of the hotel management tools, which help you to position your property in a wider market segment, and thereby drives more revenue to your hotel.

Integrated these tools can benefit hotels in increasing their booking conversion rates. However, knowing the basics of these systems and their advantages can help you outline your property distribution plan better than ever.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine is the ultimate source for you to secure direct bookings from your hotel website and other social platforms like Facebook! Unlike other booking platforms, you don’t need to pay a commission for each booking, rather you only pay monthly/annually for the tool.

Booking Engine can help you in the following ways,

1. Allows you to collect online bookings

2. Lets you best represent your hotel by uploading your hotel images

3. Helps you in providing a fine description of your hotel rooms

4. Allows you to provide special offers/promos for guests booking directly

5. Attracts mobile-bookings also

6. Sends instant booking confirmation mail/SMS to guests

7. Last but not least, helps you in capturing your guests’ staying preferences


Things to consider while buying a Booking Engine

When it comes to buying a booking engine, always look for simplicity. It will ease your guests’ booking process.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)   

Online Travel Agencies are third-party booking websites, where you can sell/promote your property, which helps you to gain visibility and bookings across the world.

Though these booking sites help you in gaining bookings worldwide, the commission you need to pay for each booking makes this reluctant.

Another drawback of using OTAs is, you cannot get access to guest information on the pre-arrival stage, which builds the communication gap between you and your guest.

The major benefits of using Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are,

1. Helps you gain unparalleled visibility.

2. Increases your hotel bookings

 3. Room Price comparison

Things to consider while promoting your property in an OTA,

When it comes to promoting your property in an OTA, consider the platforms’ credibility, the commission per bookings and assured bookings.

Metasearch Engine

Metasearch Engine is not a hype anymore; it becomes inevitable for you to boost your hotel’s visibility and sell your hotel rooms with fewer prices.

Metasearch Engine is a search tool that helps potential guests by providing them an aggregated view of the prices of a particular hotel listed across the booking channels. As it smoothens the guests’ research process, it gains traction and high usage among guests. Therefore, Advertising your hotel on this site will help you in attracting potential guests.

Let’s discuss the benefits of listing your hotel in the Metasearch Engine,

1. Greater visibility at lower prices

2. Enhances direct bookings

 Things to consider while advertising your property on Metasearch Engine

While promoting your property on Metasearch Engine, it’s essential to check the credibility of the platform and bidding rates.

Channel Manager

The channel manager simplifies your property distribution management effectively. Whether you distribute your rooms in five channels or fifty channels, Channel Manager is the right fit that helps you in changing room status, rates and much more from one centralized place.

Channel Manager is a great boon for hoteliers like you! It saves your hotel staff from daily administrative tasks and reduces operational errors related to bookings.

A channel manager can help you in several ways. Here are the few!

1. Gives access to best-in-class OTAs and other channels

2. A centralized place to manage all of your booking platforms

3. Changing room status, pricing, stop-sell limits for few rooms can be quite easy

4. Helps you avoid overbooking or double booking of rooms

5. Provides insights related to best working booking channels for your hotel

Things to consider while investing in a Channel Manager

Before investing in a Channel Manager, you need to check how intuitive and flexible it is to perform and administer the online booking channels and the connectivity to the channels.