Why do hoteliers need Quora?

Quora is one of the major user-generated content platforms. It is a question and answer based website where anyone can answer or post a question relevant to their domains. It has 300 million monthly active users, and maximum users belong to India (Source: Quora).

Quora offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to be benefitted. Many businesses have started using Quora to promote their business. Hoteliers can also tap into this platform to promote their brand, understand their guests, and connect with them.

Let’s see how Quora helps hoteliers,

1. Increase Brand Visibility

Quora being a place where it hosts a huge pool of active users, it is easy for hotels to increase their visibility and get connected with their targeted audience. As of November 2019, the number of questions posted on Quora had reached 61 Million (Source: Quora). Quora covers various domain topics like Travel and Hospitality, Digital Marketing, History, Life Science, Psychology, Mathematics, and much more.

Based on analyzing user behaviors, Quora displays relevant content on their feeds, which means if a user shows interest in reading travel and hospitality topics, they are more likely to see travel & hospitality-related Q&As in their news feed.

Therefore, by delivering quality answers to as much as travel and hospitality domain-related questions, you can show up on the users’ feed who are interested in this field. It will help you reach relevant audiences, influence them, and increase your brand visibility.

2. Understand Guests

Hotels should invest time and money in the targeted audience analysis process to deliver appropriate services. Quora helps hoteliers to post/answer questions on guest expectations, guest communications, hotel technology, and other hotel-related questions. 

You can even conduct polls to understand the majority of guests’ views on a particular subject. Therefore, with Quora, hoteliers can easily identify guest experiences and expectations and align their services as per their needs.

3. Organic Search

Hoteliers are investing a lot in content marketing, which can be enhanced by their active presence in Quora. Plenty of questions and answers posted on Quora appear on the first page of the search results. Guests, who generally browse hotel-related questions, will also come to see your answers, posted in Quora, in their organic results.

Therefore, being active in Quora helps you in getting in front of global audiences, thereby, hoteliers can redirect the guests to their hotel website.

4. Increase Conversion

Quora also helps businesses to run Ad campaigns. Setting up an Ad in Quora is quite easy. To get started, hotels need to create a business account. Before that, hotels need to set the value/results they would like to generate from the particular ad.

Optimizing ads for targeted audiences, with the right keywords in the selected language and setting up objectives is simple and similar to other Ad platforms. Quora now supports around 15+ languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Tamil, etc. (Source: Quora). With these paid campaigns, hoteliers can promote their brand, attract guests with offers/discounts, and increase conversion rates.

Want to set up an ad in Quora? Here’s the complete how-to guide.

5. Better collaboration options

Quora recently introduced Spaces- a new feature, which turns Quora into an even more ideal platform for people to curate collections and form communities around shared interests and tastes. Hoteliers can join or create Spaces relevant to their domains, thus helping individuals to know what’s happening within the industry-current challenges, technology trends and industry updates, etc. and better collaborate with industry peers.

6. Build trust among guests

The benefits of Quora are not limited to this, even happy guests can share their experience with their peers and refer that particular establishment to others. These kinds of reviews and references help hoteliers to enhance their online reputation. Hotels that respond to those reviews can build trust among guests.

Quora provides a great scope for marketing and guest research. Using it wisely, helps Hoteliers achieve great success.