Why do you invest in a dedicated Housekeeping Module?

The responsibility of making your hotel environment clean and welcoming is in the hands of your housekeeping team. The significance of the housekeeping team is uncommonly high, as none of us would prefer to stay in an untidy environment.

It acts as a determining factor in guest bookings. As the majority of today’s guests are highly influenced by peer reviews, poor feedback on the hotel environment and maintenance significantly drops the booking rates.

Therefore, maintaining a pleasant environment all the time can increase your guest experience and bookings. However, today, in the hustle hotel environment, achieving this becomes a big challenge even for big chains. Worst yet, for small and mid-sized hotels, those who have limited resources in-place.

To eradicate these struggles, you need to invest in a dedicated Housekeeping module. Having a housekeeping module can help you in ensuring tidy rooms, general upkeep, proper conditions of electrical accessories in the hotel and also the management of the surrounding environment. The benefits of the Housekeeping Module are not limited to this. A right Housekeeping Module, integrated with other Hotel Management Systems, provides numerous benefits to your hotel.  

While investing in a housekeeping module, it is vital to ensure that the Housekeeping module integrates well with Hotel Front Office System (Also known as Hotel Management Software, Property Management Software, Hotel Software, etc.). It is much better to invest in a single-window software solution provider who has in-built Front Office, Housekeeping and other modules. Therefore, it helps you in preventing integration challenges and ensures seamless data flow across the systems.

With Cheerze Connect’s Housekeeping module, you can make sure that your hotel environment is clean 24/7. Cheerze Connect helps you in multiple ways. Here are a few!

1. Keep informed about your hotel room status all the time

With Cheerze Connect’s simple and yet informative dashboard, your hotel staff can stay up-to-date with the latest status of your hotel rooms. Tracking room status on a hectic day becomes easy.

2. Assigning housekeeping tasks can be simple

With Cheerze Connect’s housekeeping module, it becomes easy for the housekeeping manager to delegate tasks properly by creating job cards and planning cleaning schedules. Staff will be notified with their tasks, perform operations on-time without fail, and update room status. Moreover, it helps managers to utilize resources properly and avoids involving two heads in a single task. Hence, it saves a lot of time from both the operational and management perspective.  

Apart from that, it assists you in creating job maintenance tasks like AC maintenance and other accessories maintenance. It also helps you to keep track of the activity, right from creating the maintenance issue to the rectification of issues properly.

3. Simplified operations

Cheerze Connect’s Housekeeping module helps you in automating all of your housekeeping operations. You can create job cards and job maintenance cards, keep track of guest lost and found items, guest complaints, manage Housekeeping items issues and receipts, in-house and outside launderer billing and settlements, laundry damage, and much more.

4. Tracking guest reviews and lost items

Not only that, it helps you with ensuring your hotel environment, but it also helps you to collect, track, and review your guest feedback. Besides, it helps you track and collect guest lost & return items details.

5. Integration

It is the role of housekeeping staff to check whether the room amenities are supplied well. As the housekeeping module is integrated with Front office and Material Management, it becomes easy for staff to get access to the in-room guest amenities. Besides, changing amenities and buying amenities based on the needs will help you avoid wastages.

With Cheerze Connect’s Housekeeping module, you can track the amenities supplies properly, and thereby prevents revenue leakage and staff pilferage.