Why do you need to be in touch with your guests?


As a hotel owner, frequent communication with guests is crucial, so that you can be at the top of your guests’ minds. Whenever your guest plans for their next visit or a friend ask for suggestions, they come across your hotel brand in their memory lanes. It might result in repeat bookings or getting new guests to your hotel. Therefore, building a smooth and friendly communication process with your guests is essential. However, you need to pick the right communication platform.


In the face of modern communication platforms, email is still considered as an effective, professional, and affordable communication platform. As guests visit your hotel from various distinct regions with different time zones, it certainly helps you in communicating better with guests without being a nuisance to them.


Let’s see how to use email to be in touch with your guests,


Pre-arrival stage


Reservation confirmation mail


The majority (80%) of hotel guests expect that the accommodation provider will initiate communication regarding their booking and 80% also expect this to be sent via email (Source: TrustYou).


Your guests will receive an automated mail when they entered their details and clicked the book now button. The purpose of sending this email is to ensure that the guest’s room reservation is confirmed for the particular dates.


This assurance will remove the dilemma (whether the booking is confirmed or not) from your guests’ minds and make them happy.


Staying Suggestion


The ultimate aim of sending this mail is to understand the guests’ expectations on their stay and to identify guests’ special needs like medical preferences, etc. It helps you to make all the necessary preparations to welcome your guests and attract them.


Welcoming mail


A welcoming email should be personalized, address your guest with their first name. You may send a welcome message one day before or on the day of the arrival, telling that you’re eager to meet them and wish a good journey and happy staying experience. Sharing your location via Google Maps can help your guests reach your hotel without any hassle.


Note: Today’s next-gen Hotel Management Software has the power to automate this process easily. It can also send a welcome mailer with the guest’s first name by retrieving guest data. If you’re doing this process manually, then try shifting to a cloud-based HMS!





Informing guests about other services


The purpose of sending this mail is to make your guests’ informed about other services being provided by you. This can be a great upsell strategy for you. The email will list down the amenities that guests can avail upon requests and services like SPA, Bar, Gym, etc.






Reach out to your guests and ask them about their experience with you. Never get worried if you receive negative feedback. If a guest leaves negative feedback, learn what you have done that got a bad impression or resulted in poor services and try to prevent committing the same issue in the future.


If a guest leaves good feedback, then ask them if you can promote it on social channels and other review sites. This will boost your hotel visibility, attract potential guests, and increase revenue.




Sending survey emails can help you to track the changing guest expectations on travel and stay experience. It helps you to be up-to-date on the latest travel trends and meet the guests’ needs successfully. It will help you in driving marketing campaigns better and tailoring special offers that interest your guests.


Promotional activities


To generate more revenue and enhance repeat visits, sending promotional mailer is a must. Send promotional mailer one per week or month. Give free takeaways or special discounts for guests who book your hotel directly, refer a friend or like your social platform. And also make an easy way to redeem their points and rewards.