Why guest feedback matters and how to capture them?

Reviews make a strong impact on the minds of your potential guests. Be it a positive or negative review, its benefits are huge! Seeing a positive review from guests can boost & encourage your staff to deliver better service. Not only that, it might increase your hotel booking rates as peer reviews are largely affecting the potential guests’ decision-making process.

On the other hand, all of your guests cannot be satisfied. It is quite common to get negative feedback, even though you delivered the best services. However, negative feedback can help you in improving your performance. Negative feedback provides you with greater visibility into your guest expectations, what you have done, and how to avoid mistakes in the future. This helps you to bridge the gap between the guests’ expectations and actual deliverability of service.

How to capture your guest feedback?

Guest reviews can be captured in multiple ways. The first and foremost is to encourage staff to ask for feedback from guests.

Encourage staff to ask feedback

Staff can frequently ask guests about their trip and staying experience. It helps staff to understand the services guests seek in their stay. Staff will also come to know whether guests’ needs are met and they are comfortable with their stay. And, at the same time, if any of the guests’ needs are unmet or guests feel uncomfortable with a few things, staff can promise and set things right. The commitment to deliver better services will create a positive impact on guests.

Create a feedback form

It is highly recommended to have a feedback survey form that helps staff to collect guest details and their experience with your hotel. Plus, confirm with a guest that their review can be posted on your hotel’s social channels.

Ask guests to post their feedback on review platforms

After check-out, send an automated mail or message to your guests. Ask them to share their feedback on the review platforms (Tripadvisor, Google, etc.) or their social channels (Facebook and Instagram) using your hotel hashtag. It will indeed boost your hotel visibility and increase bookings.

Email Survey

Email survey is also one of the effective methods to collect your guest feedback. Apart from this, you can also use this platform to understand your target guests’ needs and expectations by asking specific questions, which might help you in understanding guests better than ever and delivering excellent service at their visit.