Why hotels should consider Remarketing


In a world, where OTAs domination is rising steadily, generating direct bookings become a crucial step for hoteliers to remain profitable.


According to a survey, of all of your website visitors, only 2% of them are booking their stay. Other visitors are abandoning your sites for various reasons.


Few of the reasons are listed below,


  1. 39% of your website visitors were in their research process. They were ‘just looking’ and leaves the site to do more research.
  2. 37% of your website visitors abandoned their bookings due to the high prices and wanted to see better deals are available somewhere else.
  3. 13% of your website visitors abandoned your sites if they felt the booking process was too long
  4. 7% of your website visitors were facing issues with payments or the option they looked for was unavailable.


To decrease the percentage of booking abandonments, hotels need to ensure a smooth booking process, showcase the value for the money, and also offer different payment options like online and offline settlements.


These actions are required to make your booking process frictionless, but is that enough? What happens if your guests leave your site without booking? Or, if, for instance, the guest starts their booking process and leaves it halfway.


Remarketing may help you in bringing back these potential guests.




Remarketing is the process of showing up in front of your potential guests who have already shown interest in your hotel brand.


Remarketing ads will target the potential guests who visited your site and abandoned your website. Remarketing ads will be shown on the websites, which your potential guest visits often. It is a kind of reminder that makes your potential guests come back to your site.


Benefits of Remarketing


It’s worth investing in remarketing efforts. Other than any other marketing tactics, remarketing is considered to deliver better results, because it helps you convert your potential guests who are already interested in your hotel.


Firstly, with Remarketing, you can achieve a greater Return On Investment (ROI). It is estimated that 70% of your website visitors, retargeted with display ads, are more likely to convert.


Secondly, Remarketing helps you to deliver differentiated offers to potential guests based on the interest they shown with your brand. For example, if a potential guest checks your SPA packages or other travel packages specifically, then you can display retargeting ads with a tailored offer that make them purchase it.


Finally, as it personalized and only showcased for interested guests, they can only avail special deals and offers. This way, it eliminates rate parity issues.


Remarketing is cost-effective. It helps you increase your direct bookings. Therefore, incorporating Remarketing in your hotel strategy is vital.