Technology is revolutionizing almost every facet of the hospitality industry. Chatbots and Voice-enabled devices, the innovative breakthroughs of Artificial Intelligence, are gaining traction among young travellers. It is estimated that by the year 2020, customers can manage 85% of their relationship with a brand effectively without even interacting with a human (Source: Gartner).

This new norm is bringing a paradigm shift in how guests are communicating with the hotel. It also enables hoteliers to provide exemplary services that last forever in the minds of the guests. As guests are well exposed to these devices and finding it easy and helpful, it is inevitable for hoteliers to adopt this incredible technology. Hotels can be much more lucrative and beat the odds by leveraging this efficient solution.

Breaking down the language barrier: Imagine, a guest from other country visits to your hotel and he/she speaks a language that your front desk staff could not understand. How embarrassed your guest and staff would be? With Chatbots, you can break down these language barriers. Chatbots are programmed with multiple languages, and they are able to think, perceive, and respond to the guest commands or queries promptly like a human. Your guest will also find it far more convenient in communicating in their native language rather than a foreign language.  One of the earlier adopters of this technology is the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They introduced a smart chatbot Ross. Guests are engaged with Ross via text messaging.

Mamie Peers, Senior Director of Digital, Social, and eCommerce, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, shared her opinions “Once we designed the unique voice of Rose, over 1,000 conversation threads were created to offer guests ways to book experiences such as restaurant reservations, spa treatments, event tickets, and spontaneous adventures like self-guided art tours. To help drive guests to bars and clubs, Rose gives them insider information, like secret menu items, and offers to help increase spend on the property.”  source : ( Trilyo )

Your guests' travel assistant: Today’s customers expect to undergo a novel experience. They are very much interested in exploring and understanding the local culture. Chatbots and voice-enabled devices will also help your guests in identifying the restaurants, hotspots or attractions near the hotel. Accor Hotels Mercure brand utilizes Chatbot technology to answer guest queries relevant to the local destinations. source : (Business Traveller)

Personalization: To be successful, you need to know what your guests want and what they like.  Chatbots, powered with business intelligence tools, can predict customer behaviour and their needs using the past data and provide tailored suggestions and solutions to the guests. With the personalized messages and recommendations, chatbots have the ability to cross-sell and up-sell other services to the customers. Thus, increases the guest experience and profitability to the hotel.

Make them comfort: Your guests should no longer lean on the hotel staff. With the voice-enabled devices like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, your guests can turn-on/off their lights or adjust the room temperature effortlessly, book a cab, order the dinner, play music, and much more. In Wynn Las Vegas, Amazon Echo is added to over 5,000 rooms. Alexa allows guests to control room lights, room temperature, drapery, and the television using voice commands. Steve Wynn, former CEO of Wynn Las Vegas, says about Alexa that “She becomes our butler, at the service of each of our guests,” He also adds up that, “I have never, ever seen anything that was more intuitively dead on to making a guest experience seamlessly delicious, effortlessly convenient than the ability to talk to your room.” source : ( The Verge )