Why should you need a Point-of-Sale for your hotel?

A point-of-sale is a system that takes an active role in completing transactions between the hotels and guests. For hotels, the need for Point of Sale is very high in places like in-house restaurant and bar where significant purchase happens throughout the day.

With technology expansion, today’s Point-of-sale system not only focuses on helping hotels achieve operational efficiency, but it is also transforming hotels guest experience by making the process faster, efficient, and error-free.

It is vital for hotels to have an easy-to-use PoS in place. But, selecting the right one can be tricky.

Major features of a point-of-sale system

Manage your restaurant sales!

The critical function of any Point-of-sale is to track sales and cash flow. For business owners, it helps them to stay informed about their restaurant sales details.

Manage operations

The benefits of PoS is not limited to this. It makes the entire restaurant process efficient by ensuring seamless communication between kitchen and stewards. Orders taken will be automatically sent to the kitchen. Staff can perform all restaurant-related operations effectively.

Another key feature is the KOT audit trail. It provides the complete details in the Kitchen Order Taken. It helps the higher officials to track changes made in the KOT, and they can also cross check changes with the kitchen department.

With clear data and process, hotels can prevent any malpractice from occurring.

Create unlimited outlets

With PoS, staff can get access to multiple outlets like Fine dining, Fast food, Room service, etc.

Mobile PoS

Mobile PoS is an added advantage for hoteliers to enhance their guest services. Staff can take orders using their mobile devices, and KoT will be generated and sent automatically to the kitchen. It gives the flexibility for staff to take guest orders and settle bills properly from anywhere.

Hotels are also looking for PoS with a touchscreen-interface terminal. It can be mounted on wall to avoid the usage of mobile devices which tends to break often.

Third-party integrations

Modern PoS also integrates with third-party food ordering platforms, which enables hotels to receive food orders from outside their hotel.

Plus, hotels can integrate PoS withtheir in-house guest mobile application. Through this mobile app, guests can order their food anywhere within the hotel premise.

                  Integrated with Payment Gateway, hotels can collect payments securely. Most of the PoS providers cannot process through credit card details. Payment devices are encrypted and secured, and most of the credit card details are away from the PoS terminals.

Bar stock maintenance is another predominant feature every hotel owner is looking for in a hotel PoS. It helps you in managing your bar inventory, stock levels, usage of stocks, etc.

With PoS, you can integrate third-party loyalty programs. It helps you to provide offers and discounts on food.

Enhance guest experience

As PoS integrated with PMS, hotels can track the in-house guests’ food preferences. It helps hoteliers to provide personalized services by changing food ingredients based on the guest taste.

Hotels can also exceed the guest expectations by providing guests' preferred food in their next visit.