Front Office
Streamline your hotel operations

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An all-in-one platform, designed to meet your specific needs

Our Front Office Module is a property management software that lets you bring consistency to your hotel operations. Given the technology landscape and the ever-evolving needs of the hospitality industry, we have designed our software suite to be agile and capable of seamlessly integrating with other software platforms in the hotel ecosystem.

Simplified Access & Management

Powered by the cloud, you need just single sign-on to access and manage your inventory. No more manual updates. With the PMS integrated to the POS, booking engine, and channel manager, the entire system will update automatically whenever a reservation or booking has made. You can avoid overbookings and keep in-sync with the latest updates all the time.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard lets you a clear picture of your hotel occupancy status at a glance. Organize, perform, control, and manage your day-to-day tasks effectively from a single dashboard. Switch from one module to another with two simple steps.

Detailed Reports

Get a pictorial representation of your hotel status. Our host of reports provide you with meaningful insights, enhances visibility into your property and helps you to take result-oriented decisions. Print, download or convert your reports into the PDF, HTML, and Excel format.



Front Office for One Year

Increase room nights, Track every transaction, receive reports to your mailbox and mobile, Eliminate system shutdown during night audits.